Dmitry Polikanov

He graduated from MGIMO (Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs) in 1998. In 1999 he defended the dissertation. Ph.D., associate professor. He has a title of Professor of European Academy of Informatization (EAI). 2003-2006 - Director of international and public relations in The All- Russian Public Opinion Research Center. 2007-2012 – holds senior positions in United Russia political party. 2012-2013 – First Deputy Executive Director of the Russian Geographical Society.

The author of over 100 publications on international and European security issues, and Russia's foreign and domestic policies. A member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the International Sociological Association, the Scientific Council of The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center. He held senior positions at the PIR Center, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation.

Denis Kuleshov

Director of the Scientific and Industrial Laboratory Sensor Technology for Deaf-blind (Laboratory Sensor-Tech)

Mr. Denis Kuleshov graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with an engineering degree in 2011. While studying there, he realized some scientific and engineering projects and took part in multiple student research conferences. After graduating, he entered the postgraduate course and is currently working on his Ph.D thesis. Since 2010 Denis Kuleshov has been working at the Centre for Complex Rehabilitation of the Deaf and Hard-of- Hearing Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

In 2015 along with partners Mr. Kuleshov established a non-profit organization Development Center of Social Innovation where he holds a position of Director for Science and Innovation. Mr. Kuleshov oversees scientific, research and education projects in the field of inclusive education of the disabled people and assistive technologies in educational process and rehabilitation. Since 2017 Mr. Kuleshov has been in charge of an autonomous non-profit organization Scientific and Industrial Laboratory Sensor Technology for Deaf-blind (Laboratory Sensor-Tech) established on the initiative of the Deaf-Blind Support Foundation Con- nection. In June 2017 the Laboratory in cooperation with partners successfully organized and carried out the first retinal implant surgery in Russia.

Mr. Kuleshov is actively involved in social work, participates in Scientific and Research conferences, has received a commendation by the President of Russia. Denis Kuleshov is the author of 12 scientific papers and 4 patents in the area of informational technologies in higher education for the disabled people with sensory impairments and new means of rehabilitation and socialization of people with disabilities.

Elena Goncharova

Doctor of Sciences (Psychology), head of research department at the Institute of Special Education of Russian Academy of Education, special psychologist, the author of the approach to understanding the patterns of the reader's development in normal and deviant development, the author of the method of formation of core of reading competence in children with impaired hearing and vision, one of the authors of the approach to “3P rehabilitation” for children after cochlear implantation. Laureate of the Russian Federation Government Prize in education awarded for the creation of the first Russian specialized computer program “World behind your window”. Vice-President of the Russian Association of Reading.

Born in Moscow. In 1971, she graduated from the Psychology Department of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and started to work in the laboratory headed by A.I. Meshcheryakov at the Defectology Research Institute of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (now the Institute of Special Education of the Russian Academy of Education), where she immediately joined the group supporting the education of the four deafblind students of the Psychology Department of Moscow State University. At the same time, she conducted the studies and led the experimental work of the teachers of the experimental group in Moscow as well as the studies on this problem in children’s home for the deafblind persons in Zagorsk (Moscow Region). In 1983, she defended her Ph.D. thesis titled "Specific features of text understanding by deafblind students”. In the 90’s, together with A. Akshonina and G. Vasina, teachers of the experimental group, she prepared the training manuals “Texts and exercises for the reading lessons in elementary school grades for deafblind children” and “Read. Think. Answer”. In 2009, she defended her doctoral thesis (Dr. of Sciences) where the results of the studies on deafblind children were used in considering the early stages of reader’s activities in normal and deviant development.

Area of expertise: methodological aspects of special psychology, psychology of reader’s development and involvement to reading for children with various disabilities, education of deafblind children, computer technology in special education, rehabilitation of children after cochlear implantation. She is the author of more than 150 publications.

Elena Voroshilova

PhD. In the Charity foundation «Con -nection Deaf -blind Support Foundation» she heads the project «The development of resource centers network and international education specialists». Elena is also the head of the department of correctional and special pedagogics in the Academy of professional development and professional retraining of educators.

She graduated from the defectologic faculty of the Kursk state university and got specialty defectologist, the speech therapist.

Elena is the associate editor of the journal «Education and training of children with development violations», member of the Academic Council FGAOU DPO «Academy of professional development and professional retraining of educators». In 2005 Elena got her PhD on the theme «Formation of speech activity as the making readiness for school training (on the example of children with Stutter)". She developed the technology for children of preschool age stutter correction. Since 2006 she has conducted research work on the subject: formation of communicative activity and social competences of children with a deep speech underdevelopment and intellectual backwardness.

Some results of this work were presented in the manual «The organization of work on social adaptation of disabled children».

Galina Epifanova

Director of "Sergiev-Posad orphanage for deafblind children".

From 1982 to the present time Galina Epifanova has been working in Zagorsk (Sergiev-Posad) orphanage for deafblind children, where she has worked first as a teacher, then as a Deputy Director for educational work. After she graduated from the Moscow state pedagogical Institute with a degree in Defectology she was appointed Director of Sergiev-Posad orphanage for deaf and blind children.

Since 2006 she has been the founder of the Charitable Foundation of St. Sergia Radonezhskogo. The main purpose of the Fund is to help minors (without parental care), disabled people, pensioners, the poor – all people who are in a difficult situation.

Support of people, help to those who are now hard - is life principles of Galina Epifanova.

Irina Levchenko

PhD, Professor, head of the laboratory of inclusive education ISO and CU GAOU IN Moscow State Pedagogical University. Great teaching experience (43 years) in correctional educational schools and high education.

Research interests:

RStudy of children with various developmental disorders, development of recommendations for teachers in special correctional schools.

She is a leading expert in the field of psychology of children with cerebral palsy. The author of numerous works (articles, scientific-methodical and practice- oriented manuals, monographs, textbooks) on special psychology and correctional pedagogy, problems of studying, teaching and education of persons with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

The expert of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, a member of the Association of defectologists of the Moscow region. Scientific Director of the book series "Special psychology", scientific editor of the journals "Correctional pedagogy: theory and practice" and "Practical defectology».

Tatiana Basilova

Ph.D. in Psychology, Professor of the Department of Special Psychology and Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Clinical and Special Psychology at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. Head of the Master’s program "Psychological and pedagogical support of deaf-blind and individuals with multiple disabilities".

Member of the Council for deaf-blind people at the Central Board of All Russia Association of the Blind.

Co-founder of the Charity organization for the deaf-blind people with Usher syndrome "Usher-Forum".

Member of the editorial board of the journals "Clinical and Special Psychology", "Psychological Science and Education", "Modern Foreign Psychology", "Issues of Mental Health of Children and Adolescents".

Expert Council of the Deaf-blind Support Foundation "Con-nection" (So-edinenie).

Research interests

Diagnostic study of children with complex sensory disabilities. Psychological and pedagogical support of a child with complex disabilities within a family. Development of playing activity in deaf-blind children. The history of educating and studying deafblind people.

Dr. Jude Nicholas

Psy.D Cert. NeuroPsych

Dr. Jude Nicholas is a clinical neuropsychologist and consultant psychologist attached at Haukeland University Hospital and at Statped Vest center for special needs education in Bergen, Norway. He has some 25 years of clinical and research experience working with children and adults with sensory impairment, including persons with congenital and acquired deafblindness. He has a longstanding interest in syndromes with sensory impairments, and his current research investigates the neuropsychological functions of tactile cognitions, particularly in persons with deafblindness.

Dr. Nicholas is a member of the Norwegian professional team involved in the identification and diagnosing of deafblindness. He was the chair of the scientific committee for the 9th European conference on Deafblindness in Aalborg, Denmark in 2017.

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